Is he hiding something or am being overprotective/overreacting?
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2009-12-15 22:47:11 UTC
I just found out my fiance had been talking to his ex through facebook. He always told me he didn't have a facebook account (I do and rarely use it). Everytime I searched for him I couldn't find his profile so I always thought he didn't have one. Until one day one of my friends was using her facebook and saw his profile?? I was shocked. I thought: he just did it. I went back on my account and tried to find him through name or email or school, he was nowhere to be found. I guess he somehow blocked me from ever viewing his profile. I saw posts and comments he wrote for his ex. In one of her mom's pics he said: "my mother in law is beautiful".(he later said that was a joke??)

I called him and asked him if he has a facebook account. He denied it and said I was crazy. I told him everything and he admitted it. His explanations are useless.

Why would he hide this from me? why did he somehow block me from ever finding him? why would he add his ex and not me? Why did he deny it? he never told me?

Am I overreacting??
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2009-12-15 23:00:39 UTC
You're not over reacting... if you're not married now...DON'T GET MARRIED. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN TO ME! Before my husband and I got married we both had a myspace...that is how we met. ( He moved from the city to a small town, where I lived and was looking for friends, found me, you get it) We moved in together and to a city for my job. One night he asked me to get on his myspace and read a letter he'd written his brother. While in his account I went through his inbox and sent box. He'd been talking to a girl from work just chit chatting. He kept talking about her pictures he'd seen. Over and over he'd bring it up and she'd say nothing. Finally she said I'm sorry to blind you, he commented back that he really liked what he saw. Turns out her pictures were of her in underwear, some naked, she had her toys out, some with her toys inside her in multiple places. I asked him about it and he stopped trusting me for snooping. A month after we got married (which was a lil over a yr after this event) he slept with my best friend at the time right in front of me. 2 months later he was cheating on me with 3 girls, one who is 10 years younger than him, 2 of the 3 were younger than me and NOT legal. Things were ok for a bit but my senses and the past show me he's cheating on me again. He never shows and remorse and always lies even when caught. Yet he claims he wants to be with me. Please, don't get married. Walk away while you can, I wish I would have.
2009-12-15 23:03:17 UTC
Wow, he is totally lying to you, seriously. He did not "somehow" block you, he intentionally blocked you. He is up to no good. Since you wont leave him (chicks on here never do) heres what you CAN do. (because he will invent a second profile now hes been caught with the first) Get a made up email address, and make up a fake profile that doesnt resemble you, then you can see how many profiles he has, you can even req him as a friend & realy spy on him. You can download fake pics from a free image website, and get fake friends from "add me" groups on facebook. If you have trouble makin a new profile, and are using internet explorer, click on a new tab & open "in private" browsing. He will never know, lol.
2009-12-15 23:21:42 UTC
Yes, your fiance is hiding something from you (the truth) and no, you are not either over-protective or over-reacting either. You found out by accident that your fiance had a facebook account but he has blocked you from finding it. You asked him about it and he lied through his teeth. He even called you crazy. Then you told him what you found and he finally admitted.

If you want my advice, DUMP HIM NOW. He has shown that he can't be trusted and that he will lie to your face when confronted. And if he was hiding this, what else is he hiding? Get out now before he really hurts you. Take care.
2009-12-15 23:08:03 UTC
Perhaps you should re-consider being his fiance? I went through a similar experience more than once with my ex before we were ex's. He would deny something and then I later found out about it and he finally admitted to it. To make a long story short I had found out he had been lying about several things (mainly concernig other females he "wasn't" talking to). Although I still love him a lil we are not together and I do not want to be with him because I can no longer trust him. Can you trust him after this? I think after my first similar experience I never truly trusted my ex and it just made the relationship more difficult.
2009-12-16 00:12:26 UTC
No you are not overreacting. This should be a hint of things to come. It does not matter whether any thing was going on or not. The fact that he LIED to you about it.

I think you know the answer to all of your questions. He is a liar and a cheat and I am pretty sure he lies and cheats about other things as well.

This should be a deal breaker. Seriously.
2016-10-16 10:26:03 UTC
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2009-12-15 22:58:02 UTC
No your not overreacting. He hiding something. There no reason not to tell you.

He didn't block you he put himself on hidden/private profile. He hidden from all. He can add friends if they are not set the same as him.
2009-12-15 22:55:01 UTC
No, he is being deceitful and lying. I would hold off on any marriage plans because he sounds like a potential cheater. You can't trust the guy, so don't get married until you can trust him, and he deserves to be trusted.
2009-12-15 22:53:49 UTC
Write down your next to last paragraph and take it to him. Yes, he is hiding something- that is obvious. The question is why. And please, don't marry him until you both trust each other. It will just end in divorce.
2009-12-15 22:53:10 UTC
no you are NOT over reacting. He is lying about this and I bet a lot of other things too. You cannot trust this man. Lose him while you can. He is no good
Labcoats are en Vogue
2009-12-15 23:00:23 UTC
There is definitely something going on. He is majorly disrespecting you, and you don't deserve to be treated like that. He is not worthy of you!
2009-12-15 22:54:18 UTC
hes definitely still talking to his ex.

same **** happened with me. my bf told me he didnt have a myspace until i found his email

and guess what he did and he was talking to his other girl on there.

if i were you id keep check on him.

thats stupid what hes doing.
2009-12-15 22:55:01 UTC
Over reacting?? No Way!!! He lied to you and you busted him.....don't let him talk his way out of this say it with your own eyes!!!!
2009-12-17 21:19:17 UTC
umm that is a bit weirde
2009-12-15 23:00:37 UTC
follow your instincts

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